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Other Value-added Services

1. Port ground agency service: provides Guangzhou / Shanghai /Tianjin / Dalian / Lianyungang and each big port terminal services, responsible for arranging cargo port / customs /shipment ground service.

2. Warehousing services: provides cargo import and export cargo LCL, general cargo storage, container and packaging and other related services.

3. Acting customs clearance services: provides Shenzhen /Shanghai ports pay customs service.

4. Acting international express business: UPS / DHL to maintain good long-term cooperation, can provide preferential freight service.

5. Agent certificate / the Embassy VisaL: agent certificate, Pratt & Whitney permit, certificate of origin, Chile ASEAN certificate,certificate of origin and other Asia pacific.

6. Agent transport insurance business: to buy the land or sea transport insurance insurance.

7. The third party assessment and notary services: according to the requirements of owners, arrange professional third party assessment companies, make container loading, unloading,special container lashing, issued by the professional third party notarization Report.