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RO-RO Ship

Ro-RO ship: cargo handling is not from the deck cargo hatch vertically hung out, but by the bow and stern spring board or two side opening and a ride to the wharf, the goods have their own power or trailer transport, ship loading and unloading a level from the cabin to the dock of the way. The ship is also called on the open boat or roll on roll off.
 The main advantages of RO-RO ship: does not need the cargo handling equipment, goods need not reproduced in the port can be opened directly on the cargo hauling cargo turnover, shorten the time, reduce the damage.
 Our company has accumulated rich experience in the RO-RO transportation, with the domestic automobile manufacturers,engineering machinery manufacturers to establish a long-term close relations of cooperation, and with the world class shipowners  to establish a good relationship of cooperation, can provide a full line of RO-RO ship transportation service.
 K&L can undertake Southern China, East China, North China power of various vehicles and equipment, and use MAFI to undertake some major pieces of cargo.