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Special Container

 With the development of international industry transfer, there are more and more special goods, and for some overweight, oversized cargo, ordinary container could not stow them. While they can choose Open Top container, Flat Rack container or split operation.

 The Open Top container is also called open top chamber, and it is a container without rigid box top while there is a folding top beam supporting canvas, plastic cloth or plastic cloth canopy, and its other components are similar to cargo container. Its logo is OT, usually being 20'OT, 40'OT. The main cargo includes: mechanical products, machinery equipment, metal tube, glass products, and cargos that are not convenient for manual loading and unloading.
 The Flat Rack container erects a solid iron to each of the four corners of the common container bottom, which is convenient for strapping goods. Its identification is FR, which is generally divided into 20'FR, 40'FR. It mainly loads large machinery and heavy goods taht are super-long, extra-wide, and ultra-high.

 The Plat-form container is more simplified than the frame type special box and it only retain the bottom. It’s mainly used for loading and unloading long, heavy cargo. Such as heavy machinery, steel etc.. The length and width of special container platform are the same with international standard container , and can use the fastener and the lifting device of the other containers. With this special container, the past thought that the container must have a certain volume has been broken. Its logo is PC or PF, which can be generally divided into 20'PC (PF) and 40'PC (PF).

 According to the loading of the size of goods, the Open Top / frame container can be divided into IN GAUGE (finite), OUT OF GAUGE(referred to as OOG, transfinite container). And transfinite or not may relate to not only the shipping fee but also binding reinforcement, inland transportation costs.
 Container ship split operation: the carrier of super-long, extra-wide, ultra-high, overweight equipment, generally needs above two flat counters together carrying one or more pieces of equipment, which is mainly suitable for the carrier of yachts, large equipment and other products:
 The shipper ships the above cargos to designated export yard directly.
 When loading on board after customs clearance, terminal operating personnels must lift many flat cabinets to specific location of specified ship, then lift thes devices onto the flat cabinet, and then the dock workers will bind and reinforce the equipment to the flat cabinet: Operation difficulty It needs coopration with strong logistics company and ship company to confirm the space and freight, and most container ship companies do not carry four super goods; the operation needs multi-party cooperation of towing company, ship company, wharf, custom brokers company in order to safeguard the smooth shipment of goods, and it is difficult to coordinate.
 Whether ship company pick up the container , mainly depends on the following factors:
 1. Whether the handling equipment of destination port can meet the requirements.
 2. Whether two-way barge ship is suitable for transport of such goods.
 3. Whether the intended voyage has enough space.
 4. Whether there is return of goods.
 These factors are often factors that may influence prices.
 Special container transport is a very professional industry, and it needs professional personnel to operate, details over everything.
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